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New York City Surety Bonds

New York City Surety Bonds

"Only in New York" would a municipal government create licensing requirements for occupations already regulated by the state. Fortunately obtaining a New York City surety bond for a license or local permit, a street obstruction bond, or a performance bond to guarantee a particular service or construction contract is easy. In most cases we need only a brief, completed application. Here are some of the more popular surety bonds required by New York City.

New York City Street Obstruction Bond

Bond amount can in an amount starting at $25,000 and running to $250,000 based on number of locations.

New York City Pawnbroker Bond

$10,000 surety bond required from all pawn shops and secondhand dealers that offer pawn/collateral loans.

New York City Secondhand Dealer Bond

Required by NYC Consumer Affairs from all dealers in secondhand goods except for clothing and watercraft (gun sales require special permit).

New York City Limousine Bond

Require of all limousine and black car services operating in the City. Bond must be a minimum of $5,000.

New York City Process Server Bond

Individuals must post a $10,000 process server bond. Process service firms must post a $100,000 bond. The firm's bond guarantees the conduct of its affiliated New York process servers.

New York Industrial Laundry Bond

Require from both laundry operators and their industrial laundry delivery operations.

New York City Employment Agency Bond

A "Third Party Bond" required by the City Council to protect employment applicants from the fraudulent acts of an employment agency.

Janitorial Services Bond

Dishonesty bonds which protect a cleaning services's clients losses due to the acts of the service's employees.

NYC Home Improvement Contractor Bond

$20,000 surety bond required of all home improvement contractors to guarantee compliance with City Code.

New York City Auctioneer Bond

A $2,000 surety bond is required by the City to guarantee an auctioneer's ethical conduct.

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NO surety bond applicant turned away!

Most New York City surety bonds are simple compliance obligations. License and privilege bonds are the major categories of this class. Bonds under $50,000 generally require submission of only a completed commercial surety bond application for quoting. Larger surety bond requests and New York City street obstruction bonds require submission of personal and business financial statements. Damaged credit? New resident in the U.S. without a credit history? No problem! We offer non-standard programs to fit your need.