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Fidelity Bonds and Federally Regulated Condominiums and Cooperatives

With a few statutory excpetions, FreddieMac requires condominium associations and "cooperative corporations" to maintain a fidelity bond that meet the following criteria:

In States that require condominium homeowners associations or Cooperative Corporations to carry fidelity bonds on terms or conditions different from Freddie Mac's, Freddie Mac will accept compliance with the state's requirements to be adequate for Freddie Mac's.

The condominium onwers assocation fidelity bond must cover losses resulting from dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by directors, officers, managers, trustees, employees and volunteers who handle or manage funds collected and held for the condominium homeowners association or cooperative corporation. A professional property management firm is NOT exempt. It must be to the same coverage level as a COA or cooperative that manages its own operation.

Bonding of Service Providers

If your association hires outside general contractors, landscapers, janitors, pool and miscellaneous maintenance services, those parties should be covered by a third party fidelity bond to protect the association members' property from loss due to dishonesty. Business services bonds are inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Fidelity bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.

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