Calaveras County Commercial Cannabis Permit Bond

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Bond Penalty: $5,000

Pursuant to County Code §17.95.070.C, each cannabis business applicant must post a Calaveras County commercial cannabis permit bond to guarantee payment of destruction of cannabis or cannabis products, and cleanup of site of trash, debris, or other wastes from the commercial cannabis operation if necessitated by a violation of permit requirements or applicable provisions of the County Code".

The County publishes specific guidance on licensing. Generally the following items must be filed with the County before a commercial cannabis license will be approved.

  • Complete application pursuant to §17.95.060.
  • A copy of the cannabis background clearance badges for the applicant or all owners of the applicant entity as required by Chapter 9.22 of the County Code.
  • Calaveras County commercial cannabis surety bond in the amount of $5,000.00.
  • Payment of the Road Impact Mitigation (RIM) Fee pursuant to Chapter 12.10 of the County Code.
  • Evidence of a site inspection conducted by an enforcement official resulting in a finding that the premises and parcel satisfactorily comply with the provisions of the Code.
  • If applicable, a conditional or administrative use permit.
  • If the applicant is seeking a permit for a premises located on a different parcel than the one he/she had been authorized to cultivate on under the May 10, 2016 version of the Code, evidence that the former cultivation site has been fully remediated in compliance with §17.95.130.

Licensing and compliance with the Calaveras County rules is imperative. We recommend that all candidates for a permit familiarize themselves with the same. The county's cannabis program office offers a good Q&A page for potential permit holders here. Questions may be directed to the staff members that supervise Calaveras County cannabis operations at (209) 754-6336. County application forms are available here.

NOTE: Obtaining a local county license does NOT relieve an operator from state license compliance. An applicant must also acquire the appropriate California cannabis business bond.

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