Commercial Surety Bonds

This surety class is made up of simple, transactional bonds that do NOT contain contract performance guarantees. License and permit bonds, public official bonds, court bonds and miscellaneous bonds are the major categories of this class.

What is a Surety Bond and What Does it Cost?

License Bonds

For those bonds up to $10,000, ordinarily only a completed application is necessary. Larger bonds should be accompanied by a financial statement.

Court Bonds

Judicial bonds are a class of surety obligations that are needed in civil actions and by the United States Admiralty Courts. Detailed information about our judicial bonds and fiduciary bonds are on our Judicial Bonds page

Public Official Bonds

Individuals elected or appointed to government positions, especially those with fiduciary duties are often required to file a public official bond before he or she may be sworn in. We offer standard and non-standard markets for this surety bond class. For bonds greater than $50,000, please submit a personal financial statement with your application.

Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

For bonds greater that or equal to $25,000, please submit a personal financial statement with your application.

Non-standard Bonding

Surety bonds are essentially unsecured credit instruments. In most cases, your personal credit is an important underwriting factor. Is your credit damaged? NO problem. We can still offer you terms regardless of your credit condition.