Lost Check Bond (Lost Instrument Bond)

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Bond Penalty: Per issuer, equal to check amount or double check amount

Unfortunately the mail and delivery services are not perfect. Checks and other valuable instruments can be lost. A lost check bond is a quick, simple solution to obtaining a replacement item from a bank or financial institution. When a bank issues a certified monetary instrument it can immediately be negotiated for products or services. If the bank issues a second check then potentially both instruments could be redeemed caused the bank to suffer a loss. A lost check bond acts as security of the bank in case the lost instrument is found and cashed or an innocent third party has accepted it for payment.

Lost instrument bonds may be written as fixed penalty bonds (written in a fixed amount) or open penalty bonds. Fixed penalty obligations are generally used when replacing a certified checks, money orders or liquidated securities that are held by a state treasurer's unclaimed property office. So long as the lost instrument has not been endorsed or delivered to a third party for redemption, a lost check bond is inexpensive and easy to obtain.

A lost check bond is a pure financial guarantee however they are considered a low-risk class of surety bond. National surety bond leader, SuretyOne.com is a specialist in the bonding needs of financial institutions and individuals that have lost checks and money orders. For more please call us at (800) 373-2804, email us at Underwriting@SuretyOne.com or click here for live chat. A lost instrument bond is quick, easy and processed immediately.

Have you lost a stock or bond certificate, or a document that is not a check? Click here to learn more about this lost instrument bond.

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