California Bond of Escrow Agent for Fidelity Bond Deductible

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Bond Penalty: Equal to the retention per fidelity bond declarations

A California bond of an escrow agent's fidelity bond deductible is frequently required to "fill the gap" in the coverage provided by a commercial crime policy. A fidelity bond generally contains a deductible or retention. This amount is the risk "retained" by the insured and is a normal provision of almost all insurance policies. This California surety bond guarantees payment to the Commissioner of those amounts not covered due to a fidelity bond deductible.

Pursuant to 17310, an escrow agent fidelity bond is required in a form approved of by Business Oversight and filed with the Fidelity Corporation of California. The Fidelity Corporation will respond to claims that are also covered by a member’s (escrow agent's) general liability, dishonesty, or indemnity policy which is applied as the primary indemnity instrument if a loss is incurred. The fidelity bond will invariably contain a deductible with leaves a coverage gap between "0" and the deductible threshold. The Commission therefore requires a special bond form DFPI-EL 303A Bond of Escrow Agent (for Fidelity Bond Deductible) to bridge this gap.

Questions about regulation and application may be directed to:

Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Financial Services Division, Escrow Law
320 West 4th Street, Suite 750
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2344

*NOTE: Escrow agents are also required to carry an escrow licensee surety bond. Learn more here.

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