California Hunting or Fishing Guide Bond

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Bond Penalty: $1,000

Per the California Department of Fish and Wildlife a hunting or fishing guide is defined as, "any person who is engaged in the business of packing or guiding, or who for compensation assists another person in taking or attempting to take any bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, or reptile. The statute includes any person who for profit, transports persons, their equipment or both to or from hunting or fishing areas." The following license classes are available to professional guides in the State of California.

  • Fishing by Boat
  • Fishing, Catch and Release
  • Fishing, Diving
  • Fishing, Fly
  • Fishing, General
  • Fishing, Kayaking
  • Hunting by Archery
  • Hunting General
  • Hunting with Rifle or Shotgun
  • Packing

The Department offers a helpful licensee guide which includes basic instructions and requirements for obtaining a license. The Wildlife portal also provides a compendium of the current fish and game code sections that regulate professional guides.

California Code §2541, describes the the fish and hunting guide surety bond requirements. Each candidate for a guide must file a surety bond in the amount of not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) with the Department. The guide bond must insure faithful performance of the guide's responsibilities to his or her clients. The surety bond must run concurrent with the license period.

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