California Title Bond (California Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond)

Bond Penalty: Equal to no less than fair market value (FMV) of the motor vehicle

California residents that seek to title a motor vehicle where they may lack regular evidence of ownership may use a California vehicle ownership bond to accomplish the titling. Pursuant to 13 CCR §152.00, "A motor vehicle owner applying for a California certificate of title without the required supporting evidence of ownership may submit a California title bond as authorized under Vehicle Code section 4157. The surety bond must be issued by an admitted surety insurer on a Calfornia Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond, form REG 5057 (REV. 12/2004)."

The surety bond penalty (bond amount) must be equal to no less than the fair market value of the motor vehicle. An applicant may arrive at this figure by using two methods:

  • A written appraisal provided by a California licensed or other state licensed motor vehicle dealer or motor vehicle insurance representative; or
  • Identification of the motor vehicle and its price variations based on information provided in a recognized industry motor vehicle valuation and pricing handbook, such as the Kelly Blue Book. The highest and lowest price variations shall be added together and then divided by two; the result is the average price of the vehicle. The average price shall be the fair market value.

As stated previously the California vehicle ownership surety bond bond form (REG 5057) is the approved format for this obligation. Although this is a vehicle indemnity bond, uniquely it is a cancelable obligation should the surety wish to avail itself of the option.

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