City of Chesterfield Landscape Agreement Surety Bond

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Bond Penalty: Set by City of Chesterfield Planning Department, Missouri

Pursuant to Article 04, Section 04-02 of the Unified Development Code, the City of Chesterfield requires a landscape agreement surety bond from property owners and contractors prior to issue of a submitted landscape agreement. Per the code, "landscape installation may be approved by the City upon the developer submitting a satisfactory landscape agreement guaranteeing the installation and maintenance of the landscape improvements in accordance with the approved plan."

The surety bond is a sort of subdivision or site improvement bond, based on the nature of the obligation and the reference to "developer" in the bond form. Ostensibly a two year obligation, the language requires an additional two year "guarantee period". Per the bond form, "the developer shall be responsible for, and hereby guarantees, the installation of landscape improvements within two (2) years of approval of the landscape plan and the maintenance of the landscape improvements for two (2) years after the installation is approved by the City". The surety bond also allows the director of planning to find the amount of surety insufficient and require an increase as he or she deems appropriate. The bond is not cancelable. Surety is only exonerated from its liability by the delivery of a formal release from the City.

*Filing of the landscape agreement bond does NOT exempt general contractors from the licensing and bonding requirements imposed by the state or individual municipalities. See more at Missouri contractor's license bonds.

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