City of Greensboro Contractor Bond

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Bond Penalty: $2,000

A contractor bond for work in the City of Greensboro, North Carolina is required of all contractors that will perform and work within city limits. Before any work may be done, a contractor must apply for and be issued a permit for all projects that fall under the ordinance. The Greensboro City Code provides the wording of the obligation.

The contractor bond guarantees that the principal (contractor) "will faithfully and honestly comply with all city ordinances, rules and regulations as may apply to the business then being conducted by the Principal or the Principal’s personal representatives, employees, agents, successors or assigns and deliver all goods, services, products and promises of same or return any and all deposits and/or payments tendered and taken therefore." The rule specifically addresses the types of work that must be permitted:

  • Electrical contracting (operator must also hold the state license and letter of bondability).
  • Plumbing and pipe laying.
  • Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration (misc. HVAC).
  • Mechanical contracting (operator must also hold the state issued general contractor license).
  • Concrete and pavement.

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