City of Raleigh Contractor Bond (Work in Public Streets)

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Bond Penalty: $5,000

A contractor bond for work in public streets is required by the City of Raleigh for all contractors that will perform and work on, in, or over the public streets and alleyways within city limits. Before any work may be done, a contractor must apply for and be issued a certificate to accomplish projects that fall under the ordinance. The Raleigh City Code (11-6001) addresses four types of work that must be permitted:

  • Excavation, opening or digging any ditch, trench, tunnel or hole in, along, across or under any street, sidewalk or other public place for the purpose of laying or placing therein any pipe, wires, pole or for any other purposes.
  • Grading, constructing, paving or otherwise improving or repairing any street or sidewalk or other public place, including the construction, extension, paving or repair of any driveway which extends over or within the boundaries of any street, sidewalk or street right-of-way.
  • Engaging in any work or activity which shall in any way obstruct or tend to obstruct any street, sidewalk or other public place except those operating according to a valid permit issued pursuant to Code.
  • Engaging in the erection, construction, repair, demolition, renovation, maintenance or any other work or activity in or upon, over, under or adjacent to or within five (5) feet horizontally of any street, sidewalk or other public property within the City outside of any permanent building.

The City of Raleigh contractor bond must be issued in an amount not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or in such additional amount as the Director of Transportation may require. The surety bond must guarantee the performance of the work in conformity with the requirements of city code. If the work is not performed in conformity with statutory requirements, then the cost(s) of making such work conform is the responsibility of the permit holder and against the contractor bond for work in public streets.

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