Colorado Springs Excavation License Bond

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Bond Penalty: $5,000

A Colorado Springs excavation license bond is required of general contractors engaged in work or projects that affect public infrastructure. Excavation work conducted on or near a public right of way or on private property adjoining the same where lateral support of a street or road might damage thoroughfares that are part of the public domain. The excavation bond required by the Colorado Springs City Clerk guarantees specific performance and indemnification provisions of the permit, to wit;

  • The contractor must observe all the terms of the provisions pertaining to his or her business license.
  • Pay all fines, penalties, and costs that may be adjudged against the contractor for violation of the provisions pertaining to the license.
  • Properly backfill and maintain any excavation made by the contractor for a period of one (1) year.
  • Promptly pay for any charges billed to the contractor by the city clerk for permanent resurfacing of the excavation, replacement of traffic detector loops or pavement markings, or other work necessary to restore the public property.

The Colorado Springs excavation surety bond must be issued in the amount of $5,0000, executed by a surety company licensed in Colorado and delivered to:

Deputy Licensing Officer
City Clerk’s Office
30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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