District of Columbia Electrical Bond

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Bond Penalty: $1,000 to $4,000 by class

Electrical contractors and designated masters operating in the District must be licensed and file a DC electrical bond with the Board of Industrial Trades (DC BIT). The license requirements contemplated under the electrician licensing code which may be reviewed on the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations and District of Columbia Register.

The DC electrical bond runs to the District and must be issued on the Board's approved form. Pursuant to §210.8, the bond must guarantee the contractor's performance in accordance with laws and regulations in force in the District of all licensed work undertaken by that person, firm, or corporation, and to hold the District harmless from the consequences of any and all acts performed by that person, firm, or corporation in connection with the business. The surety bond requirement varies by class.

Electrical Contractor $4,000
Electrical Fixture Contractor $1,000
Master Electrician $2,000
Master Electrician Specialist $1,000
Special Contractor $2,000

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