District of Columbia Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond ~ Washington, DC)

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Bond Penalty: 110% of the amount of the money judgment

A DC supersedeas bond is generally filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. The DC appeal bond perfects an appellant's right to stay enforcement of a trial court judgment pursuant to Rule 62-I. The appellate rule allows any appellant who is entitled to a stay on appeal to present his or her supersedeas bond to the court for review and approval.

Per section (B) of the prevailing statute, the surety bond must guarantee satisfaction of the underlying judgment in full, costs, interest, and damages for delay if for any reason the appeal is dismissed or judgment affirmed. The wording of the bond also obligates the appellant and surety to satisfy in full any modification of the judgment, costs, interest and damages awarded by the appellate court. The DC supersedeas bond amount is determined by the type of judgment having been entered by the court. Per Rule:

  • When the judgment is for the recovery of money not otherwise secured, the amount of the bond or undertaking will be fixed at such sum as will cover the whole amount of the judgment remaining unsatisfied, costs on the appeal, interest, and damages for delay, unless the court, after notice and hearing and for good cause shown, fixes a different amount or orders security other than the bond.
  • When the judgment determines the disposition of the property in controversy as in real actions, replevin, and actions to foreclose mortgages or when such property is in the custody of the marshal or when the proceeds of the property or a bond for its value is in the custody or control of the court, the amount of the supersedeas bond or undertaking must be fixed at a sum that will secure but not exceed the amount recovered for the use and detention of the property, the costs of the action, costs on appeal, interest, and damages for delay.

Underwriting review and preparation of an appeal bond should be accomplished by a surety bond expert with knowledge of this type of judicial obligation and the specific form required by District's appellate rules. DC surety bond leader, Surety One, Inc. specializes in court bonds for all local, state and federal courts. A Washington DC supersedeas bond application submission is reviewed and responded to within one hour of receipt of the same. We are the MOST RESPONSIVE judicial bond underwriter in the nation. Call (800) 373-2804, email us at Underwriting@SuretyOne.com or click here if you would like to chat live with an underwriter about your DC appeal bond need.

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