Florida Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond Florida)

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Bond Penalty: Judgment + 2 years statutory interest

A Florida supersedeas bond is a legal mechanism available to plaintiffs and defendants that have sustained a monetary judgment and wish to stay collection pending hearing of further pleadings. Rule 9.310(b) addresses the amount in which the appeal bond must be executed. The appellant must file a bond equal to no less than the judgment amount plus two year's interest at the current Florida statutory rate of interest (as of October 1, 2017 that rate is 5.35% per annum). The wording of the statute seems to suggest that a stay of judgment enforcement may be obtained by motion OR bond however 9.310(b)(1) clearly states that stay will not be granted without financial assurance.

There are some limits to the maximum amount of the Florida supersedeas bond. Pursuant to 45.045: Limitations on supersedeas bond; exception.— "(1) Except for certified class actions subject to s. 768.733, in any civil action brought under any legal theory, the amount of a supersedeas bond necessary to obtain an automatic stay of execution of a judgment granting any type of relief during the entire course of all appeals or discretionary reviews, may not exceed $50 million for each appellant, regardless of the amount of the judgment appealed.

Supersedeas bonds can be large even considering the Florida supersedeas bond statutory cap. In order to obtain a supersedeas bond a surety company will require a complete surety bond application, a copy of the pertinent court documents and that the appellant identify his or her legal counsel. These three basic requirements are sufficient to receive a premium quote (bond cost). Florida appeal bond leader, SuretyOne.com is THE most agile underwriter of judicial bonds in the U.S. Our same day underwriting, rapid bond delivery and multiple collateral options cannot be touched! NO one comes close. Call (800) 373-2804, email Underwriting@SuretyOne.com or click here for a live chat for help with your Florida supersedeas bond need.

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