Florida Title Agent Surety Bond

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Bond Penalty: $35,000

A Florida title agent bond is required from all parties that seek to offer title insurance services in the state. Any branch location engaging in this type of insurance must also be listed as a branch location under the licensed agency (a/k/a the "parent" location/office).

Although this surety is required by the state, the obligee(s) is/are the title insurers represented by the title agency. Those beneficiaries are scheduled on the bond form. F.S. §626.8419(c) and (d) state, "The title insurance agency must have obtained a surety bond in an amount of at least $35,000 made payable to the title insurer or title insurers appointing the agency. The surety bond must be for the benefit of any appointing title insurer damaged by a violation by the title insurance agency of its contract with the appointing title insurer. If the surety bond is payable to multiple title insurers, the surety bond must provide that each title insurer is to be notified if a claim is made upon the surety bond or the bond is terminated. The surety bond must remain in effect and unimpaired as long as the agency is appointed by a title insurer. The agency must provide written proof to the appointing title insurer or insurers on an annual basis evidencing that the surety bond is still in effect and unimpaired." A title insurance agency must also maintain a pursuant to section (1)(a), " . . . a fidelity bond in an amount of at least $50,000, acceptable to the insurer appointing the agency." Inquiries may be directed to the FLCFO office:

Florida Department of Financial Services
Attn.: Title Insurance Agent Licensing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

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