Georgia Surplus Lines Broker Bond

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Bond Penalty: $50,000

Pursuant to Georgia statute, any person while licensed as a resident agent as to property, casualty, and surety insurance and who is deemed by the Commissioner to be competent and trustworthy may be licensed. A Georgia surplus lines broker bond is one of several requirements of the Commissioner for license issue. The obligations of the broker under the license and the provisions of the surety bond are specific. Pursuant to §33-23-37, "Prior to the issuance of the license or any renewal of the license, the applicant shall file a surety bond with the Commissioner or his or her successor in office, for the benefit of any person injured by the violation of the conditions contained within the undertaking.

The bond must be executed by the applicant as principal and by a corporate surety authorized to do business Georgia, in the penal sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00), and must guarantee that the broker will:

  • Place insurance only in compliance with Code Section 33-5-25;
  • Remit promptly the taxes provided in Code Section 33-5-31;
  • Account to any person requesting him or her to obtain insurance for funds or premiums collected in connection with such insurance.
  • Conduct business in accordance with all laws regulating the same.

The general requirements for obtaining a license are simple. The Department of Insurance offers a brief punchlist, and we have hotlinked the necessary forms for your convenience.

  • Hold or apply for property and casualty agent license
  • Pass a written examination. (For information regarding examination procedures, click here)
  • Completion of form GID-103 (available here)
  • Submit a licensing fee of $615.

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