Hawaii Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond ~ Hawaii)

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Bond Penalty: One and one half to two times judgment amount (judicial discretion)

When a party to a civil suit suffers an adverse verdict, he or she generally has a right to appeal the verdict. Appeal does NOT however stay enforcement of the judgment. An Hawaii supersedeas bond is a mechanism contemplated under the Hawaii Code of Appellate Procedure (Rule 8.), which allows collection to be stayed pending the appeal. Subsection (b) addresses the supersedeas bond available to an appellant to accomplish this end. "Relief available in the appellate courts under this rule may be conditioned upon the filing of a bond or other appropriate security in the court or agency appealed from. If security is given in the form of a bond or stipulation or other undertaking with one or more sureties, the bond, stipulation, or undertaking shall comply with applicable statutes, and each surety submits to the jurisdiction of the court or agency appealed from and irrevocably appoints the clerk of the court as the surety's agent upon whom any documents affecting liability on the bond or undertaking may be served.

The Hawaii supersedeas bond must be written in an amount deemed sufficient by the Court holding jurisdiction. Courts regularly require a surety bond equal to one and one half to two times the amount of the judgment however a lesser amount may be ordered. Sufficiency of bond and sureties fall exclusively within the discretion of the presiding judge or magistrate. A rather high statutory post-judgment interest rate, right to attorney's fees and the long tail of appeals are general considerations when setting bond.

Applying for an Hawaii supersedeas bond is a simple process. We require a complete surety bond application, and a copy of entry of judgment being appealed. These two items are sufficient to offer a premium quote (bond cost). The underwriting of appeal bonds is best accomplished by a surety specialist with knowledge of judicial mattters. Surety bond leader SuretyOne.com specializes in court bonds. A Hawaii appeal bond request is reviewed and responded to within one hour of receipt of the same. We are the most agile court surety bond underwriter in the United States. Call (800) 373-2804, email us at Underwriting@SuretyOne.com or click here to live chat about an Hawaii supersedeas bond application or for any court bond need.

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