Indiana Appeal Bond (Supersedeas Bond ~ Indiana)

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Bond Penalty: Judgment plus costs, interest and damages for delay

Have you sustained an adverse civil verdict and seek to appeal? An Indiana supersedeas bond generally secures an appellant's right to appeal with a stay of execution (enforcement) of the verdict. Indiana Trial Rules are clear on stays with security. Failure to provide bond does not abrogate an appellant's appeal rights to appeal any judgment or interlocutory order, however failure to offer financial assurance will not "hold off the dogs".

Pursuant to Rule 62(D)(1), Enforcement of a judgment or appealable order is suspended during the pendency of an appeal upon filing of an Indiana appeal bond with approved sureties. The bond may be offered at or after the time of filing the notice of appeal. The judgment or order is stayed when the supersedeas appeal bond or letter of credit is approved by the court holding jurisdiction. The trial court has full discretion to fix and approve the appeal bond and order the stay pending an appeal as well as prior to the appeal. (D)(2), addresses the bond penalty (bond amount).

The Indiana appeal bond must guarantee satisfaction of the judgment in full together with costs, interests, and damages for delay if the appeal is dismissed or if the judgment is affirmed, and to satisfy in full such modification(s) of the judgment and such costs, as the appellate court may order. The court may after notice and hearing and for good cause shown fix a different bond amount or orders security other than the a supersedeas bond. When the judgment involves real property such as those in real action, replevin, and actions to foreclose liens, when the property is in the custody of the sheriff, or when the proceeds of the property is in the custody or control of the court, the amount of the Indiana supersedeas appeal bond is fixed at such sum only as will secure the amount recovered for the use and detention of the property, the costs of the action, costs on appeal, interest, and damages for delay.

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