Iowa Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond ~ Iowa)

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Bond Penalty: 110% of the amount of the money judgment

A Iowa supersedeas bond can halt proceedings to enforce a judgment pursuant to statute. Per Iowa Appellate Procedure (Iowa R. App. P. 6.601), "no appeal shall stay proceedings under a judgment or order unless the appellant executes a bond with sureties, to be filed with and approved by the clerk of the court where the judgment or order was entered."

The Chapter states the nature of the obligation specifically and the bond penalty sufficient for the surety bond to be valid. "The condition of such bond shall be that the appellant will satisfy and perform the judgment if affirmed, or any judgment or order, not exceeding in amount or value the obligation of the judgment or order appealed from, which an appellate court may render or order to be rendered by the district court as well as all costs and damages adjudged against the appellant on the appeal, and all rents from or damage to property during the pendency of the appeal of which the appellee is deprived by reason of the appeal."

The Iowa supersedeas bond amount if the judgment from which appeal is taken is for money, must be no less than 110 percent of the amount of the money judgment, unless the district court otherwise sets the bond at a higher amount pursuant to the provisions of Iowa Code 625A.9(2)(a). In no event may the surety bond exceed the maximum amount set forth in Iowa Code section 625A.9(2)(b). In all other cases, the bond must be sufficient to save the appellee harmless from the consequences of the appeal, but in no event less than one thousand dollars.

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