Los Angeles Sewer - Storm Drain Connection Bond

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Bond Penalty: Set by City of Los Angeles Public Works Department

Municipal code (SEC. 64.15.1) in the City of Lost Angeles requires a sewer storm drain connection bond from property owners and contractors that seek permits to connect to city sewer or drainage infrastructure. Per 64.12, "No person may make, construct, alter, or repair any house connection sewer, bonded house connection sewer, special house connection sewer, industrial waste sewer connection, industrial waste storm drain connection, storm drain connection, or special drainage connection, or any portion of any such sewer or storm drain connections, including sampling manholes, or connect any house sewer, soil pipe, or plumbing to any such sewer or storm drain connections or to a sewer or storm drain under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles, without first obtaining a written permit therefor from the Board of Public Works."

The Los Angeles sewer - storm drain connection surety bond is generally accepted by the City in lieu of cash for bond penalties of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or greater. The sewer connection bond must be executed by the permit applicant and by a "reliable" surety company qualified to do business in California. The surety bond must guarantee the faithful and proper performance of the work contemplated under the permit and the payment of all charges required by Sections 64.12 to 64.22. The obligation is continuous in nature but may be cancelled by giving sixty (60) days advance notice by registered mail to the City of Los Angeles.

*Filing of the Los Angeles sewer/storm drain connection bond does NOT exempt general contractors from the licensing and bonding requirements imposed by the CLB.

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