Louisiana Professional Employer Organization Surety Bond

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$100,000 Bond Penalty

Pursuant to Louisiana statute (R.S. 23:1761), a "Professional Employer Organization" or "PEO" means any person that offers professional employer services pursuant to a professional employer services agreement with a client, including but not limited to administrative services organizations and employee leasing organizations that provide services pursuant to a PEO agreement. A PEO must be registered with the state and provide a Louisiana Professional Employer Organization surety bond in the amount of $100,000.

The surety bond is a license compliance obligation. It guarantees the the PEO has obtained or applied for the appropriate certificate of authority with the Louisiana Secretary of State and that the PEO will comply with the applicable statutes of the State of Louisiana and all rules, regulations and orders of the Louisiana Workforce Commission related to professional employer organizations. The initial surety bond must remain in force for a period of three (3) years from its inception. Thereafter the bond will be adjusted in accordance with rules promulgated by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. This bond may be continued for additional terms by the surety's continuation certificate. The surety bond is continuous in form and may be canceled upon advance notice of thirty (30) days to the Obligee and the Principal of its intention to terminate its liability hereunder. All registration forms and communication should be directed to:

Louisiana Workforce Commission
Louisiana Professional Employer Organization Surety Bonds
Tax Liability and Adjudication Unit
Post Office Box 94186
Baton Rouge, LA70804-9186

The new statute makes it unlawful for any person to operate a driving school or to offer instruction as a driving school instructor unless both the school and the instructor are currently licensed as a driving school by the department, and has provided the appropriate surety bond. To date, the OMV has not published the bond form for public use.

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