Montana Marijuana Testing Laboratory Bond

Bond Penalty: $25,000

Under its rulemaking authority, the Department of Health and Human Services promulgated a rule requiring a Montana marijuana testing laboratory bond from license applicants for this class of business. The new protocols added a statutory requirement that laboratories follow the testing lab "Guide" be followed and two financial assurance mechanisms. Section 15 obligates the licensee to maintain analytical testing laboratory professional liability insurance with an aggregate limit of no less than one million dollars. The Montana marijuana testing lab surety bond (Section 16) must be issued in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000), run to the Department of Health and guarantee adherence to the security plan approved by the department, or operate the lab in a manner that allows for or results in theft, loss, or diversion of marijuana products.

The Montana marijuana business rules and prevailing statutes require compliance with a significant number of ongoing operational requirements. You may view those here. Questions about licensing may be directed to:

Department of Health and Human Services
Montana Marijuana Program
P.O. Box 20295
Helena, MT 59620

The application process must be accomplished through the Montana DOH Medical Marijuana portal.

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