Montana Wind Generation Facility Bond

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Bond Penalty: Set by Montana DEQ based on plan

According the the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, "Montana has wind, lots of wind". The DEQ further states that total capacity statewide was by most recent figures approximately 650 megawatts, which places the state squarely within the top five producers of wind generated power. A Montana wind generation facility bond is now required of parties operating wind farm. New law passed by the legislature in 2017 imposes fines for non-compliance with the statute and the nature of the bond obligation, to wit:

The owner of a wind generation facility shall submit to the Department a bond payable to the state of Montana in a form acceptable by the department and in the sum determined by the department, conditioned on the faithful decommissioning of the wind generation facility. In determining the amount of the surety bond required in accordance with law the DEQ must consider the character and nature of the site where the wind generation facility is located and the current market salvage value of the wind generation facility, as determined by an independent evaluator. There are some limited exemptions from the requirement under the "repurposing" definition or if the owner of the land on which the facility sits is a participant in the operation of a ten percent or greater share. Also exempt are those parties that have posted a surety bond with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management or other government agency. Per law, the Department may assess an administrative penalty of $1,500 for non-compliance and an additional administrative penalty of not more than $1,500 for each day that the wind facility fails to submit the Montana wind generation facility bond.

Investment in the development of wind energy is encouraged and there are state-supported opportunities for potential operators. Financial resources and programs can be viewed here.

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