New Jersey Mechanic's Lien Release Bond (Mechanic's Lien Discharge Bond ~ New Jersey)

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Bond Penalty: 110% of Lien Amount

A New Jersey mechanic's lien release bond is a financial assurance remedy available to project owners (property owners), contractors and subcontractor that wish to free a parcel of real property from a lien. Lien rights granted under New Jersey law are intended to allow contractors and material suppliers to secure their right to payment for goods or services provided. Because litigation often arises between these interested parties the New Jersey lien discharge bond mechanism exists to allow delivery of a "clean title" to the property subject to the lien.

Pursuant to 2A:44A-33 Discharge of record of lien claim, Sec. 33. a. A lien claim shall be discharged of record by the county clerk. (1)Upon the execution and filing with the county clerk of a surety bond in favor of the claimant in an amount equal to 110% of the amount of the lien claim, the lien is effectively "bonded off" of the property. The surety company that issues the bond must be duly authorized to practice suretyship in the state and executed by licensed agent or attorney in fact and acknowledged before notary. As the New Jersey mechanic's lien release bond must be filed the county clerk in the county where the lien is filed, certain filing fees must accompany the surety bond.

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