New York Liquor License Surety Bond (L-9)

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Bond Penalty: Starts at $1,000

If you seek to operate under a license or permit pursuant to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law and the said State Liquor Authority, Part 81 of Subtitle B of Title 9 you must file a New York liquor license bond with the New York Liquor Authority. The bond prescribed by the statute must accompany the application for the license or permit. The liquor bond serves as a guarantee that the permittee will not suffer a violation of the code.

The bond form is clear. The liquor licensee may not commit a, "violation of the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, or of any of the rules now or hereafter issued by said State Liquor Authority, or give cause for the cancellation, revocation or suspension of said license or permit or the issuance of an order or warning, and will pay all fines and penalties which shall accrue thereunder, together with all costs taxed or allowed in any action or proceeding brought or instituted for a violation of any of the provisions of the law". The surety bond penalty varies by class. You may view all license classes and their corresponding liquor bond amounts here. Questions and application materials may be directed as follows:

New York State Liquor Authority
P.O. Box 782772
Philadelphia, PA 19178-2772

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