North Carolina Irrigation Contractor Bond

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$10,000 Bond Penalty

In North Carolina if you wish to operate as an irrigation construction or contracting firm or advertise using any title or description that implies irrigation contracting you must be licensed and provide a North Carolina irrigation contractor bond. The North Carolina Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board was established in 2009 to oversee the licensing of irrigation contractors. The purpose of licensure is to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to promote the efficient use of water. The North Carolina irrigation contractor bond must be written in the amount of $10,000. The bond form (titled a North Carolina Irrigation Contractor's License Compliance Bond) guarantees that the licensee will comply with the provisions of any municipal or county code applicable to the work performed and will without additional cost to the person for whom any such work is performed, remedy all defects in said work due to faulty workmanship or material furnished or used by the contractor, and will reconstruct any such defective work, replacing any such defective material to the satisfaction of the inspector having jurisdiction. The North Carolina Irrigation Contractor's Licensing Board is the regulatory authority. The Board's website is full of very helpful information including continuing education course information. The regulating statute is Chapter 89G N.C.G.S., with which every irrigation contractor should be thoroughly familiar.

The Board's site provides very specific instructions about the surety bond and helpful information about how to choose between personal and business entity applications. The Board requires filing of the ORIGINAL Bond signed by the licensee or principal of the applicant company and then returned to the Board's office along with a Power of Attorney. The following direction is offered by the Board, "It is important to note, if you are a sole proprietor you can apply for a bond under your individual name or your company name. This bond will remain in good standing if you change your company name or go to work for another company. If you own a company and it is a corporation, LLC, or partnership you still may apply under your individual name. This would allow you to contract landscape work in your off hours. This would also apply to an individual that works for a corporation, LLC or partnership. The other option for the owner of a corporation, LLC or partnership is to apply for a Surety Bond under the name of the company. This option works well if you have multiple employees that are licensed irrigation contractors and want to pay for their coverage. This allows you to have one bond that you can add and remove licensees without having to buy a new bond each time you have a change in employment . The only downfall to this is if there is an individual that plans on contracting irrigation services on his/her own time they would then be required to get their own separate Surety Bond. Be reminded that if an individual puts in a claim against your Surety Bond, whomever is listed on the bond will be ultimately responsible." Application materials and surety bond may be sent to:

North Carolina Irrigation Contractor Bond & Application
P.O. Box 41421
Raleigh, 27629-1421

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