Oklahoma Supersedeas Bond (Oklahoma Appeal Bond)

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Bond Penalty: Judgment + costs and interest

Title 12 of the Oklahoma Code of Civil Procedure allows a potential appellant to post an Oklahoma supersedeas bond to facilitate a stay of the enforcement of a judgement. This convenient judicial mechanism is addressed under 12 OK Stat § 12-990.4 and states, "[A] stay may be obtained by filing with the court clerk a written undertaking and the posting of a supersedeas bond. In the undertaking the appellant shall agree to satisfy the judgment, decree or final order, and pay the costs and interest on appeal, if it is affirmed. The undertaking and supersedeas bond or security may be given at any time. The stay is effective when the bond and the sufficiency of the sureties are approved by the trial court or the security is deposited with the court clerk."

Pursuant to subsection (a) of the statute, the Oklahoma supersedeas bond must be double the amount of the judgment, decree or final order, unless the bond is executed or guaranteed by a surety in which case the surety bond must be for the amount of the judgment, decree or order including costs and interest on appeal when issued by an entity with suretyship powers as provided by the laws of Oklahoma, meaning a corporate surety company. The code "caps" the bond amount at twenty five million dollars ($25,000,000). There are within the section special formulas for determining the bond penalty in the case of property transfer orders, orders of injunctive relief and tobacco class action matters.

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