Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond

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Bond Penalty: $2,000 for first vehicle + $375 for each additional vehicle

An Oregon Highway use tax bond is required of all newly registered motor carriers. Pursuant to the Department of Transportation and the state statutes that address the surety bond requirement (740-040-0700), "The Department requires each motor carrier that does not qualify for a deposit waiver to deposit with the Department an amount of money necessary to insure the collection of fees, taxes, charges, penalties and interest." A 'new carrier' is statutorily defined as, "any motor carrier that has not; (A) Previously received a permit or certificate of authority from the Department; or (B) Operated in Oregon for 12 months or more in the most recent 36 month period after receiving a permit or certificate of authority from the Department. The bond penalty is calculated by the Department as follows:

One vehicle - $2,000;
Plus $375 for each additional vehicle from 2-5 vehicles;
Plus $250 for each additional vehicle from 6-10 vehicles;
Plus $125 for each additional vehicle above 10 vehicles;
Maximum deposit required - $10,000.

Private carriers, carriers that conduct operations under ORS 825.020 or farmers issued permits under 825.024 who operate motor vehicles weighing under 55,000 pounds that use any fuel other than gasoline or use gasoline on which gasoline tax provided by law has not been paid to the State of Oregon are also required the provide an Oregon highway use tax bond however the financial assurance requirements per vehicle are slightly lower with a maximum bond penalty of $15,000. A full schedule of the surety bond requirements may be reviewed here.

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