Oregon Investment Adviser Bond

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Bond Penalty: $10,000

Per the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities (ODFC-CRD), with few exceptions investment advisers and firms operating in the state must have a license. An Oregon investment adviser bond is one of many requirements of candidates for business registration. Advisers may file individually, establish a firm or as an employee of an existing licensed firm. A firm managing less than $100 million in assets and domiciled in Oregon must submit Form ADV, pay the two hundred dollar annual fee and file a surety bond. There are also liability insurance requirements and document approval processes.

The Oregon investment adviser surety bond must run to the Division and be written in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Pursuant to 441-175-0110, the surety bond must be in a form and on terms approved by the Director and issued buy a surety company authorized by the director to transact insurance in the State of Oregon. The bond has a significant "tail", (3), In no less than six years after a person ceases to be required to maintain an Oregon investment adviser surety bond her or she may apply to the Director for release of the surety from its obligation. Unless the Director determines that claims are pending against the licensee for violation(s) of the Oregon Securities Law, the director will approve said release. Surety bonds are not currently electronically filed. Documents must be submitted to:

Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services
Division of Finance & Corporate Securities – Securities Section
350 Winter St. NE, Room 410, Salem, Oregon 97301-3881
Mailing address: P.O. Box 14480, Salem, OR 97309-0405

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