Pennsylvania Appraisal Management Company Bond (AMC Bond ~ Pennsylvania)

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Bond Penalty: $40,000

Appraisal management companies (AMCs) in this state have been regulated for several years, and a surety bond required of registrants. The Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers has adopted administrative rules which now require a Pennsylvania appraisal management company bond in the amount of $40,000. This is an increase from the original statutory provision of $20,000 however the rule does not necessarily limit the maximum bond penalty to $40,000. The Board may demand a larger surety bond as a penalty for a violation of Appraisal Management. Company Registration Act (AMCRA) based on the nonperformance of services or nonpayment of fees, or a violation of a similar law or regulation of another jurisdiction.

Pursuant to § 36.453, the Pennsylvania appraisal management company bond held by a registrant to satisfy the requirements of AMCRA must include all of the following:

  • The name and mailing address of the registrant and the name and title of the compliance person.
  • The name, mailing address, telephone number and National Association of Insurance Commissioners company code of the surety.
  • The surety bond number.
  • Indemnification for claims that arise or occur for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the public for nonperformance of obligations under AMCRA or the administrative code(s) that occur during the period of the surety bond AND for an appraiser who has performed an appraisal of real property located in Pennsylvania for the registrant during the period of the surety bond for which the appraiser has not been paid.
  • A provision requiring surety to notify the Bureau if the surety bond is cancelled.

The Pennsylvania appraisal management company surety bond may contain language with limits the aggregate liability of the surety to only the principal sum of the bond. The surety bond must be written as a continuous obligation and remain in full force and effect until the license is terminated or not renewed, or cancelled by surety. A full version of the changes to the AMC surety bond requirement can be viewed here.

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