Pole Attachment Bond

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Bond Penalty: Set by Contract

A pole attachment bond is a simple financial guarantee obligation generally required from service providers and their contractors that need access to utility poles for the furnishing of television cable antennae and occasionally telephony services. Pole attachments can fall under federal regulation. 47 CFR 1.1402 [Title 47, Chapter I], defines the term 'pole attachment' as "any attachment by a cable television system or provider of telecommunications service to a pole, duct, conduit, or right-of-way owned or controlled by a utility." By virtue of commercial entities' use of common utility poles, private business often require a pole attachment bond. The pole attachment bond contains two main provisions:

  • Financial Performance ~ the principal must make any payment due to the pole owner pursuant to the terms of a "Pole Attachment Agreement". Generally, payment will be demanded from the surety within a certain number of days after receipt of notification of default from the pole owner.
  • Indemnity ~ the principal must save the pole owner harmless from all losses, liability and damages, claims, judgments, liens and costs which owner might incur due to the default of the principal in the performance of his or her obligations under the "Pole Attachment Agreement",and in enforcing the indemnity provision due to the failure of performance of either the principal or the surety company.

The pole attachment bond penalty (bond amount) is generally but not exclusively on the total number of estimated pole attachments, or the total number of operator's actual attachments if greater than the estimates. Most pole owners have offer specific surety bond minimums and increase or decrease the requirements throughout the term of the agreement. Some owners will accept a cancelable obligation. Others require the pole attachment bond to remain in effect until all of the principal's obligations under this use agreement have been discharged.

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