Stamp Surety Bond / Medallion Signature Guarantee Bond

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Current code obligates a transfer agent to accept responsibility for irregular or improper securities registrations. When a particular security is transferred a transfer agent relies on the representations of a Medallion Guarantor. A stamp issued by a Medallion Guarantor is a legal covenant that the signature is legitimate and that the signer has the legal capacity to execute the same.

A STAMP surety bond is required by the Securities Transfer Association to insure that guarantees issued by the participant financial institution will be immediately honored by transfer agents. Pursuant to SEC Rules the Association established the appropriate levels of bond coverage based on the guarantors largest security transaction. The current rules are as follows:

Gross Assets Surety Bond Limit
up to $500MM $100,000
$500 to $2,000MM $250,000
$2,000 to $3,000MM $500,000
$3,000 to $4,000MM $750,000
over $4,000MM $1,000,000

Applying for a STAMP bond is the simplest part of the enrollment process. Application may be made by banks, trust companies, savings and loans, and registered investment advisers. We will need the following in order to provide a quote for this requirement:

Enrollment documents and the STAMP surety bond must be filed with Kenmark Financial Services, Inc., P.O. Box 1686, Pearl River, NY 10965