Virgin Islands Surety Bonds

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The Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States purchased from the danish in 1916, made of three of the leeward land masses in the lesser Antilles. As an unicorporated territory U.S. law prevails. Surety bonds are generally interpreted and applied following federal rules of jurisprudence, and to a lesser extent by local rules. There are very few surety companies authorized in the Territory.

Virgin Islands Public Adjuster Bond

Required by the Lt. Governor's office of the Department of Banking and Insurance in the amount of $5,000.

Virgin Islands General Contractor Bond

$100,000 contractor bond is required by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.

Virgin Islands Notary Bond

A notary must apply to the Office of the Lt. Governor and file a $5,000 Virgin Islands notary bond valid for a minium of four years.

Virgin Islands Insurance Broker Bond

Required by the VI Department of Banking and Insurance in the amount $10,000 per agency AND broker.

Virgin Islands Private Detective Bond

Required by the DCLA from both private detectives and security/patrol agencies. The Virgin Islands private investigator bond must be in the amount of $50,000.

Virgin Islands Mortgage Broker Bond

Required by Chairman of the Virgin Islands Banking Board, all mortgage professionals must post a surety bond of $25,000.

Virgin Islands Liquor Tax Bond

Required by the BATF from all volume rum producers and distributors. There are no current local requirements.

Virgin Islands Janitorial Services Bond

A dishonesty bond which protects the clients of a cleaning service from loss due to janitorial employee acts.

Virgin Islands Premium Finance Company Bond

A $100,000 surety bond required by the VI Department of Banking and Finance to guarantee PFC compliance and consumer protection.

Qualifying Bond for Alien/Foreign Insurer

A surety bond in the amount of $500,000 required by the Department of Banking, Insurance and Financial Regulation.

Don't see your particular surety bond need above? See our Bonds A-Z page or call (800) 373-2804 for support.

Due to the recent catastrophic natural weather events affecting the Islands we are issuing Virgin Islands public adjuster bonds one an expedited basis.

Virgin Islands surety bonds are required for most licenses in the Territory. "L&P" bonds, public official bonds / notary bonds, judicial bonds and miscellaneous surety bonds are popular and required by different instrumentalities of the USVIs. To quote most surety bonds we need only a complete commercial surety bond application. Larger surety bond needs and those surety obligations that contain financial guarantees will require that the applicant provide personal and business financial statements. Damaged credit? New resident in the Virgin Islands without significant credit history? No problem! We decline NO ONE.

Fi wi policy is, "Don give no six for a nine." We are here for you!

Surety bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.