Tennessee Boxing & MMA Promoter Bond

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Bond Penalty: $25,000

A Tennessee promoter bond is required from all applicants for a license to promote boxing, kickboxing and/or MMA events. Amateur fight events are not exempt from regulation and are permitted in the same manner as professional ones. Chapter 0145-01 of the General Rules of the Athletic Commission define license and activity types, set licensing fees and surety bond requirements. No person, firm, or corporation may promote any contest of unarmed combat, or participate in any contest of unarmed combat as a promoter, matchmaker, combatant, manager, announcer, referee, judge, ringside physician or timekeeper without a valid license issued by the Athletic Commission.

The Tennessee boxing promoter bond is address under section 0145-01-.03(8), "No promoter’s license shall be issued or renewed unless the applicant presents a good and sufficient surety bond executed to the state of Tennessee in an amount no less than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00)". The promoter surety bond guarantees that the licensee will "fulfill all of his or her contractual obligations (whether expressed or implied) to combatants incurred in connection with the promotion of matches or exhibitions in the State of Tennessee". While not specifically included in the surety obligation, the promoter is expected to confirm medical insurance coverage for the combatants among other statutory duties. The application for promoter may be completed online. Questions about the Tennessee promoter bond, the application process or event particulars may be directed to:

Tennessee Athletic Commission
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nahvilee TN 37243
(615) 532-5129

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