Virginia Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond ~ Virginia)

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Bond Penalty: Equal to Judgment + Costs

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a party that suffers an adverse civil verdict is allowed the opportunity to appeal (an appeal of right). Simply filing a notice of appeal is NOT however sufficient to restrain a judgment creditor from immediately pursuing collection. A Virginia supersedeas bond must be filed and approved by the court to effectively stay execution (collection) on a civil judgment.

Supersedeas bonds are addressed under §8.01-676.1 of the Code of Virginia, and its subsections. Titled, "Security for appeal," the requirements are:

  1. A party filing a notice of an appeal of right to the Court of Appeals shall simultaneously file an appeal bond or irrevocable letter of credit in the penalty of $ 500, or such sum as the trial court may require, subject to subsection E, conditioned upon paying all costs and fees incurred in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court if it takes cognizance of the claim. If the appellant wishes suspension of execution, the security shall also be conditioned and shall be in such sum as the trial court may require as provided in subsection C.
  2. An appellant whose petition for appeal is granted by the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court shall (if he has not done so) within 15 days from the date of the Certificate of Appeal file an appeal bond or irrevocable letter of credit in the same penalty as provided in subsection A, conditioned on the payment of all damages, costs, and fees incurred in the Court of Appeals and in the Supreme Court.
  3. An appellant who wishes execution of the judgment or award from which an appeal is sought to be suspended during the appeal shall, subject to the provisions of subsection J, file a suspending bond or irrevocable letter of credit conditioned upon the performance or satisfaction of the judgment and payment of all damages incurred in consequence of such suspension, and except as provided in subsection D, execution shall be suspended upon the filing of such security and the timely prosecution of such appeal. Such security shall be continuing and additional security shall not be necessary except as to any additional amount which may be added or to any additional requirement which may be imposed by the courts.

The surety must be approved by the court in which the Virginia supersedeas bond is filed. Further, the statute authorizes the Supreme Court to approve specific wording to which the surety bond must adhere and must be published in the "Rules of Court." The bond penalty must likewise conform to the statute which offers a formula for determining said penalty. (J.) In any civil litigation under any legal theory, the amount of the suspending bond to be furnished during the pendency of all appeals or discretionary reviews of any judgment granting legal, equitable, or any other form of relief in order to stay the execution thereon during the entire course of appellate review by any courts shall be set in accordance with applicable laws or court rules, and the amount of the suspending bond shall include an amount equivalent to one year's interest calculated from the date of the notice of appeal in accordance with §8.01-682. However, the total suspending bond or irrevocable letter of credit that is required of an appellant and all of its affiliates shall not exceed $25 million, regardless of the value of the judgment.

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