West Virginia Collection Agency Bond

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Bond Penalty: $5,000

With limited exceptions, a registrant must file a West Virginia collection agency bond and application form with the tax department before commencing collection activity in the state. West Virginia Code defines a collection agency as, "persons, firms, corporations and associations that:

  • directly or indirectly engaged in the business of soliciting from or collecting for others any account, bill or indebtedness due or asserted to be owed or due another and all persons, firms, corporations and associations directly or indirectly engaged in asserting, enforcing or prosecuting those claims;
  • which, in attempting to collect or in collecting his or its own accounts or claims uses a fictitious name or names other than his or its own name;
  • which attempts to or does give away or sell to others any system or series of letters or forms for use in the collection of accounts or claims which assert or indicate directly or indirectly that the claims or accounts are being asserted or collected by any person, firm, corporation or association other than the creditor or owner of the claim or account.

Non-resident collection agencies are not exempt from registration or posting a West Virginia collection agency surety bond even if licensed in its state of domicile. Pursuant to WV Code §56-3-33, foreign collection agencies without an office in West Virginia who's only contact with residents is for the collection of debts is by letter and telephone calls, is required to designate to the Tax Commissioner a resident agent upon whom notices, orders or other communications may be served. State Code allows a registrant to designate the West Virginia Secretary of State as the resident agent for service of process. Further information may be obtained as follows:

West Virginia State Tax Department
Internal Auditing Division
Post Office Box 2666
Charleston, West Virginia 25330
Telephone Number: (304) 558-8500

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