Writ of Restitution Bond (Washington)

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Bond Penalty: No less than two times the amount of claim

A Washington writ of restitution bond is an undertaking required to support a plaintiff's motion to replevin his or her leased property and its appurtenances. Restitution is an eviction remedy similar to an attachment. Courts will generally grant a motion for restitution where the following criteria exist:

  • Plaintiff has obtained a court order to evict a tenant.
  • Plaintiff landlord wishing has completed an 'Eviction Data Form' (varies by county).
  • Plaintiff has delivered the documents to law enforcement with a jurisdiction-specifid 'Writ of Restitution Intake Sheet'.

The writ of restitution bond is addressed by RCW 59.12.090. "A plaintiff may apply to the judge of the court in which an eviction action is pending for a writ of restitution restoring to the plaintiff the property in the complaint. The judge most order a writ of restitution to issue. The restitution bond must be conditioned that the plaintiff will prosecute his or her action without delay, and will pay all costs that may be adjudged to the defendant and damages which he or she may sustain by reason of the writ if the instrument was wrongfully sued out.

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