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Bond Penalty: Set by State Statute

Commercial driving instructors are currently obligated to file a driving school bond in approximately thirty states. The operator owes specific duties to its license candidates and to maintain the school in compliance with the prevailing statutes and codes. A driving school bond generally guarantees the following:

  • The school will not commit fraud or make any fraudulent representation(s) to potential students that might cause him or her a monetary loss to a person taking instruction from the school. A good example is a guarantee employment as a "trucker" or commercial driver.
  • The school and its instructor cadre will follow the laws that regulate the school's activity. Proper record keeping, delivery of training certificates and maintaining state approval are examples of compliance.

In those states where a driver school bond is required, laws were created in response to schools' failure to provide the training promised. The surety bond therefore generally guarantees that a school will refund money collected for tuition or fees in the event that the operator fails to comply with the terms of his or her driver education contract with a student. The surety bond in most jurisdictions may be issued to an individual instructor or to business entity to cover all of the instructors that provide driver training. The names may be different, i.e., license tester bond, CDL third party company bond, commercial driver training school bond, etc., however they are essentially the same obligation.

Trucking schools benefit from a good reputation and professional industry associations often recommend them. The Trucker's Report offers some good advice about identifying and choosing one.














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