Utah Surety Bonds

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Obtaining a Utah surety bond to guarantee license compliance, a performance bond to support a service or construction contract, or other miscellaneous surety bond is simple. To quote most simple commercial surety bonds we need from you only a brief commercial surety bond application. Here are some of the more popular Utah surety bond needs.

Utah Collection Agency Bond

Needed by companies engaged in the collection of delinquent credit accounts. This bond a uniform $10,000 bond requirement for all agencies.

Utah Alcohol Tax Bond

Required from airport lounges, manufacturers, beer only restaurants brewers and private clubs.

Utah Employment Agency Bond

Required from all businesses engaged in the pairing of job applicants with potential employers for profit. This is generally a $1,000 surety bond.

Utah Private Investigator License Bond

A $10,000 Utah surety bond required from all private investigators. Freely written, no credit check required.

Utah Contractor License Bond

$50,000 surety bond required by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Bond terms determined by experience and credit review. NO applicant declined!

Utah Water Well Driller Bond

Required by the Utah Department of Natural Resources from all water well drillers. Surety bond amount $5,000.

Utah Motor Vehicle Body Shop Bond

Required by the Utah DMV, allows a licensee to operate an auto body shop. $20,000 surety bond. (Motor vehicle crusher bond also available.)

Utah Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Required by the Utah DMV in the amt of $75,000 from new and used dealers as well as dealers in trailers.

Utah Official Inspection Station Bond

$10,000 required by the Utah DMV from parties that offer motor vehicle inspections. (Non-standard terms available for damaged credit.)

Utah Motorcycle Dealer Bond

License bond required by the DMV from dealer in motorcycles, small trailers and snowmobiles.

Utah Investment Adviser Bond

Required by the Utah Division of Securities in the amount of $35,000 or $10,000 based on class of adviser authority.

Utah Cannabis Cultivation Performance Bond

A surety bond in the amount of $250,000 is required from all medical marijuana cultivators to guarantee compliance with Utah cannabis Rules.

Utah Electronic Cigarette Tax Surety Bond

Surety bond for dealers in electronic cigarettes and nicotine products. Bond amount set by Tax Commission, minimum $500 per license and up by reported tax liability.

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NO surety bond applicant is turned away!

Most Utah surety bonds are license and permit compliance obligations. "L&P" bonds, public official bonds / notary bonds, court bonds and miscellaneous surety bonds are the popular in this class. In order to receive an approval and quote bonds under $50,000 generally require submission of a complete commercial surety bond application. Larger surety bond requests and those surety obligations that contain financial guarantees will require review of personal and business financial statements. Damaged credit? New resident in the U.S. without a credit history? No problem! We offer non-standard (bad credit) programs.

Surety bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.