Washington Surety Bonds

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Applying for a surety bond for Washington is easy. Our commercial surety bond division underwrites all types of license and permit bonds, public official bonds, court bonds, miscellaneous surety bonds and similar transactional instruments. Contract surety bonds for all classes of construction, heavy, artisan trades and commercial contract guarantees, are available through our contract bond division.

Washington Certificate of Title Bond

A motor vehicle title surety bond is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in an amount no less than one and one half times fair market value.

Washington Public Adjuster Bond

A $5,000 public adjuster bond is required by the Washington Department of Insurance from all licensees.

Washington Contractor's License Bonds

Surety bonds are required by state law from general, specialty, sprinkler and telecom contractors as well as by municipalities.

Washington Fish Seller Bond

A $1,000 surety bond required by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Bond amount may be increased for violations.

Washington Mechanic's Lien Release Bond

A pseudo-judicial bond filed with the county clear in an amount twice lien value up to $10,000 or one and one half times lien value if in excess of $10,000.

Washington Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond)

A judicial bond issued required to stay execution of a civil judgment and an appellant's compliance with the same at the end of a civil appeal. Bond no less than 110% of judgment amount.

Washington Business Services Bond

A third party fidelity bond to protect customers from the dishonest conduct of all classes of service provider.

Washington Auctioneer Bond

State-mandated surety bond required of auction companies and individual auctioneers. Bond penalty may be as high as $250,000.

If you do not see your particular surety bond above, try our Bonds A-Z page, call (800) 373-2804 and click here for live-chat support. A Washington surety bond generally requires the submission of only a complete commercial surety application. Larger surety bond requests and those that contain financial guarantees may require personal and business financial statements. Damaged credit? New resident without a credit history? No problem! We decline NO applicant. If you are a contractor bidding on or have negotiated a contractor for which bonding is required visit our contract surety bond page.

We are the Washington surety bond leader! Surety bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.