Texas Surety Bonds

This state represents the second largest surety market in the United States. Bonding is required by the Texas Comptroller, numerous state agencies, counties and municipalities. Here are some of the more popular Texas surety bond needs.

Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

This is a two year surety bond obligation required by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles in the amount of $25,000.

Texas Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Bond

Required by the Texas Comptroller in an initial amount and increased based on operator's payment history. (May also need Texas sales tax bond.)

Texas Title Bond

Required by the motor vehicle registration authority for registration of vehicles with lost or defective titles. Amount set by "rejection letter."

Texas Conduct Bond

A surety bond required by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Control agency to guarantee licensee conduct.

Texas Escrow Officer Schedule Bond

Guarantee of compliance with the Texas Title Insurance Agent Code. $5,000 per resident agent, $10,000 per adjoining state agent with a maximum surety bond of $50,000.

Texas Public Adjuster Bond

Required by the Texas Department of Insurance from all public adjusters in the amount of $10,000.

Texas Third Party Debt Collector Bond

A $10,000 surety bond required by the Texas Department of Insurance from all collection agencies doing business in the state.

Texas Manufactured Housing Broker Bond

Required by the Department of Housing Manufacturers, installers and sales staff must all post surety bonds (amount varies).

Texas Emergency Medical Services Subscription Program Bond

This is a financial guarantee that protects the state and subscribers for the EMS's financial failure.

Texas Public Weigher Bond

A $10,000 Texas surety bond required by the Department of Agriculture from public weighers (No credit check!)

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Texas surety bonds are generally license compliance bonds. "L&P" bonds, public official bonds / notary bonds, and conduct bonds are the most popular in this class. To obtain a quote for bonds under $50,000 we generally need only a complete commercial surety bond application. Larger surety bond requests and those surety obligations that contain financial guarantees will require submission of personal and business financial statements. Bad credit? New resident in the U.S. without a credit history? No problem! We offer non-standard (bad credit) programs.

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