District of Columbia Surety Bonds

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Washington, D.C. is an independent "stateless" city within the United States. Surety bonds are required for many different types of activities within this municipality. Here are some of the more popular DC surety bond needs.

DC Pawnbroker Bond

Required by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Bond amount must be in the amount of $5,000.

DC Private Detective Bond

$5,000 DC surety bond required by the DC Officers Management Branch (DC Private Investigator Bond).

DC Employment Agency Bond

A surety bond in the amount of $50,000 to licensee's conduct and compliance is required by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

DC Electrical Contractor Bond

Required by the DCRA in the amount of $4,000 for electricians and $2,000 for designated master electricians.

DC Home Improvement Contractor Bond

DC Home Improvement Surety Bond must be filed by all home improvement contractors in the amount of $25,000. Filed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. NO applicant declined!

DC Public Adjuster Bond

Required by the Department of Insurance from all public insurance adjusters. Surety bond amount $20,000.

DC Master Plumber & Gas Fitter Bond

$5,000 DC surety bond to be filed with the DCRA by each designated master plumber and/or gas fitting contractor.

DC Janitorial Services Bond

A dishonesty bond which protects the clients of a cleaning service from loss due to janitorial employee acts.

DC Consumer Goods Repair Dealer's Bond

Must be filed with the DCRA. $2,000 for businesses employing 5 or less repairmen, $5,000 surety bond for 6 or more repairmen.

DC Check Casher Bond

Required by the DC Department of Banking in an amount fixed from all check cashers and money transmitters.

DC Digital Dispatch Service Bond

Required of all dispatch services offering taxi, black car and private sedans, a bond in the amount of $100,000 or $250,000.

Additional District of Columbia Bonds
DC Administrator Bond
Attachment Before Judgment Bond
Bankruptcy Court Bond
Brewer's Bond
Cable Franchise Bond
Conservator Bond
Consumer Goods Repair Dealer's Bond
Consumer Money Lender Bond
Continuing Transportation Bond
Contract Postal Unit Bond
Cost Bond
Decedent's Debt Bond
DOT Public Space Permit Bond
Distilled Spirits Bond
Electrical Contractor/Designated Master Bond
Elevator Trades Contractor Bond
Employment Agency Bond
Executor Bond
Foreclosure Bond
Fuel Bond
Guardianship Bond
Health Spa Bond
Home Improvement Contracting Bond
Indemnity to Sheriff Bond
Injunction Bond
Master Plumber & Gas Fitter Bond
Masters or Referees Bond
Motor Fuel Tax Bond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Motor Vehicle Repossessor Bond
National Marine Fisheries Inspection Bond
Non-Degree Postsecondary School Bond
Nonprofit Budget & Credit Counseling Bond
Notary Bond
Pawnbroker Bond
Personal Representative Bond
Postsecondary Institution Agent Bond (Blanket)
Private Detective Bond
Public Insurance Adjuster Bond
Receiver Bond
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Bond
Replevin Bond
Right of Way/Highway/Encroachment Bond
SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency Bond
Sequestration Bond
Student Loan Servicer Bond
Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond ~ DC)
Temporary Restraining Order Bond
Title Insurance Producer Bond
Tower Removal Bond
Trustee Bond
Unclaimed Property Bond
Wine Bond

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DC surety bonds are in most cases freely written unless they contain financial guarantee provisions. "L&P" bonds, public official bonds, judicial bonds and miscellaneous surety bonds are popular and required for many regulated activities in the District of Columbia. In order to receive a quote for most bonds we need only a complete commercial surety bond application. Larger surety bond requests and those surety obligations that contain financial guarantees or will require submission of personal and business financial statements. Damaged credit? New resident in the U.S. without a credit history? No problem! We decline NO ONE.

Entre los participantes en el mercado del District of Columbia, SuretyOne.com es la compañía afianzadora más ágil y más centrado en la necesidad del cliente. Hablamos su idioma y asesoramos a TODOS irrespetivo de su estado migratorio o crediticio.

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