Puerto Rico Surety Bonds

Surety One, Inc.,...líder del ámbito afianzador en Puerto Rico.

Suretyship has a long history in Puerto Rico dating to the spanish colonial period. Modern bonding and surety law have been practiced on the island since its admission as a U.S. unicorporated territory since the early 1900s. We offer all classes of fidelity insurance and surety bonds in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Collection Agency Bond

Needed by enterprises engaged in the collection of delinquent credit accounts. Required by DACO.

Puerto Rico Insurance Producer Bond

Required by the Comisionado de Seguros from individuals and companies negotiating insurance.

Puerto Rico Public Adjuster Bond

Needed by companies and individuals engaged in the business of adjusting insurance claims and losses.

Puerto Rico Money Trasmitter Bond

Required of all enterprises that transmit money. Comisionado de Instituciones Financieras.

Puerto Rico Private Detective Bond

Required by the Superintendant of Police from all private investigators and security guard companies.

Puerto Rico Contractor License Bond

Required by DACO from all persons engaged in general contracting and subcontracting for profit.

Puerto Rico Janitorial Services Bond

Dishonesty bonds which protect a cleaning service's clients losses due to the dishonest acts of its employees.

Puerto Rico Court Bonds (Fianzas Judiciales)

Non-resident cost bonds, attachment admiralty stipulations, fiduciary bonds and other surety bonds needed in judicial proceedings.

Otras Fianzas Populares
Fianza de Agua (AAA)
Fianza de Luz (AEE)
Fianza de Agente de Cobro
Fianza de Agente de Viaje
Fianza de Casa de Empeño
Fianza de Corredor de Bienes Raíces
Fianza d Corredor de Líneas Excedentes
Fianza de Detective Privado
Fianza de Guardia de Seguridad
Fianza de Hospedería
Fianza de Lotería
Fianza de Tribunal (no residente)
Fianza de Productor de Seguros
Fianza de Promotor de Espectáculos
Fianza de Contratista (DACO)

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Puerto Rico surety bonds are generally simple, transactional bonds. Instruments under $25,000 require only a completed application for quoting. Larger surety bond requests may require review of personal and business financial statements. Personal credit is an important factor in certain underwriting and rating decisions however we offer non standard programs for applicants that may have damaged credit or may not have had the opportunity to develop credit. We decline no application, but rather offer terms that fit each applicant.

Una Fianza para TODO el Mundo

La mayoría de la fianzas exigidas por las varias agencias y comisionados estatales son sencillas. Para cotizar una simple fianza comercial necesitamos una solicitud más nada. Para montos más altos nos hace falta revisar los estados financieros personales y empresariales del/la solicitante. El estado crediticio personal del individuo y/o propietario(a) de una empresa importa PERO ofertamos programas especiales para solicitantes con el crédito dañado o falta de historial crediticio. ¡No rechazamos a NADIE!

Surety bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.