Landfill Bonds

Aboveground Storage Tank Surety Bond

After months of delay on the legislation, West Virginia has approved rules modifying the AST and Horizontal Well Acts. The bonding /financial assurance section has amended the requirements to focus on ensuring corrective actions in the even of an accidental… Continue Reading →

Michigan Landfill Surety Bond Changes for Closure & Post-Closure

As of December 26th, 2013 the State of Michigan’s landfill surety bond requirements have been modified.  The section of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act pertinent to the bonding requirement for the various types of landfill is as follows: Sec. 11523…. Continue Reading →

Alabama Industrial Waste Treatment Surety Bond

According to the Surety & Fidelity Association of America, an Alabama Waste Treatment Surety Bond is a proposed requirement for certain treatment facilities as part of the permitting requirements.  Waste treatment facilities that accept and process “industrial waste” may be… Continue Reading →

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Surety Bond Requirements.

As per the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency all operators of municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs) are required to demonstrate that they will be able to pay for the required closure and post-closure care activities, and any corrective action that might… Continue Reading →

Understanding landfill bonds.

An essential part of any landfill financial plan is a provision for financial assurance of closure and post-closure activities.  A landfill bonds or landfill surety bond is the most popular instrument for guaranteeing a landfill’s ability to meet its long… Continue Reading →

Alabama Waste Treatment and Landfill Surety Bond

After years of pressure from environmental groups the State of Alabama has passed into law a requirement for companies that offer waste treatment and/or maintain waste facilities, landfills, etc., to obtain a surety bond to file with the Alabama Department… Continue Reading →

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