Appeal Bonds

Illinois Appeal Bond

A stay of enforcement of a monetary judgment requires that an Illinois appeal bond be offered and a timely notice of appeal provided. Illinois rules civil procedure clearly provide for this mechanism under Rule 305(a).  The bond must be filed within… Continue Reading →

New Jersey Supersedeas Bond

A New Jersey supersedeas bond is not necessarily required for judicial review of a verdict or judgment however it IS required in order to stay execution of a judgment.  Pursuant to New Jersey appellate rules (Rule 2:9), a judgment or order… Continue Reading →

New York Appeal Bond

A New York appeal bond, referred to in the New York C.V.P. Law as an “undertaking” is one of various methods of staying the enforcement of a civil judgment.  An appeal can be made by a party when an order… Continue Reading →

Michigan Appeal Bond

A Michigan appeal bond must be posted if you wish to stop execution of an adverse civil verdict.  While a defendant does enjoy a short post-verdict period to file an appeal of right, such appeal does not stay execution.  Pursuant to… Continue Reading →

Iowa Supersedeas Bond

In the general courts of justice in Iowa, simply filing an appeal does not stop judgment enforcement.  You must file an Iowa supersedeas bond with the clerk of court and have that bond be approved by the court.  The Supreme… Continue Reading →

California Appeal Bond

If you have taken and adverse verdict in California and feel that simply perfecting an appeal will stop collection procedures, you may be in trouble unless you have posted a California appeal bond. Section 916 of the California Code of… Continue Reading →

Appeal Bond ~ A Post Judgment Mechanism

An appeal bond is required of appellants (both defendants and plaintiffs) after entry of a judgment in a civil lawsuit in most cases. An “appeal” is a formal request for either review or trial de novo. Generally, the appellant appeals because he… Continue Reading →

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