Cauzione di Garanzia Finanziaria

Nel vasto mondo della finanza, ci sono strumenti e concetti che possono sembrare complessi o poco chiari. Uno di questi è la garanzia finanziaria. Che cos’è esattamente? Come funziona? E perché è importante? Scopriamolo insieme. Cos’è una Garanzia Finanziaria? Una… Continue Reading →

Garantía Financiera en EEUU

Entre las clases de fianza (cauciones) más difíciles para un suscriptor figura el pedido de garantía financiera (“financial guarantee“). Hay fianzas comerciales que incluyen cláusulas y provisiones que contemplan el “pago de sumas” pero por lo general son remedios para… Continue Reading →

Washington Contractor License Bond Increase

The state statute that obligates contractors to provide bonding, RCW 18.27.040 (1) has been amended to require increased Washington contractor license bond penalties. Effective July 1st of this year, the minimum surety bond amounts required from both Specialty and General… Continue Reading →

Surety Bond Renewals, April 2024

Happy spring to all and, did you remember your surety bond renewal? Whether you’re a contractor, a business owner, or a professional in need of surety bonds, understanding the renewal process is crucial to maintaining compliance and ensuring ongoing operations…. Continue Reading →

SBA Increases Bond Guarantee Limits

Per the Small Business Administration’s recent announcement, “Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the voice in President Biden’s cabinet for America’s more than 33 million small businesses, announced that for the first time… Continue Reading →

The Surety Business After Supreme Court Decision on DEI

The Surety Business After Supreme Court Decision on DEI presents a new risk management concern. In the case of Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College and identical plaintiff v. University of North Carolina, No….. Continue Reading →

Nevada Private Education Loan Servicer Surety Bond to be Required

It appears that the State of Nevada will require a surety bond from private education loan lenders and servicers. Assembly Bill 332 amends Nevada Rev. Statutes Title 55 relating to Banks and Related Organizations, adding a new chapter regulating private… Continue Reading →

Insurance Producers Can Write More Surety Business

To write more surety business, it’s important to focus on building strong relationships with clients and demonstrating your expertise in the field. Surety (especially “contract surety“) is a ‘relationship’ business. Here are some strategies to help you increase your surety… Continue Reading →

Personal Representative Bond & Fair Compensation

A personal representative bond (probate and fiduciary surety bond class) guarantees the diligent and honest conduct of the personal representative. State probate codes almost universally allow this appointed estate administrator to bill the estate for his or her services. Compensation… Continue Reading →

Surety Reinsurer Fickleness

Surety reinsurance can be difficult to procure. Reinsurers can be fickle, changing their preference and appetites for many reasons. Some treaties and cession agreements can be merely an accommodation. Others can severely restrict the classes of surety bond for which… Continue Reading →

Los Angeles City Grading Permit Bond

Undertaking construction projects in the City of Los Angeles can be complex and challenging. From acquiring the necessary permits to adhering to stringent regulations, builders, contractors and developers face numerous hurdles. One critical requirement that developers must fulfill is obtaining… Continue Reading →

DC Personal Representative Bond

A DC personal representative bond is required of probate administrators unless specifically waived. D.C. Code §20–502 is instructive. Subsection (a) clearly defines the requirement. “Unless excused from filing a fiduciary bond by the decedent’s will or written waiver of all… Continue Reading →

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