Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

New York Auto Dealer Surety Bond

Effective March 28th, 2017, enhanced New York auto dealer surety bond requirements will take effect. The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law has been modified to increase the surety bond sales-to-bond thresholds. Retail or wholesale motor vehicle dealers that sold… Continue Reading →

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond Renewals Approaching

West Virginia Auto Dealer Bonds

Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond (Act 539).

On March 5th, 2014, the State Legislature delivered a new dealer law to the Governor for signature which brings uniformity to the licensing procedure.  An Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond in the amount of $25,000 will be required from ALL… Continue Reading →

Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond 2014

If you need to renew your Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond 2014, get with the program!  As per the statute regulating Florida auto dealers, you have until April 30th.  This surety bond is obligatory, running concurrently with the license and presented… Continue Reading →

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

New Mexico auto dealers remember your renewal.  By March 31st you must file the appropriate licensing materials, fee and make sure that your New Mexico motor vehicle dealer bond is up to date. Also, remember the changes to Section 66-4-2.A NMSA 1978,… Continue Reading →

Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Unless give a “license fee and waiver” each dealer applicant must post a Virginia motor vehicle dealer bond with the Commonwealth before be issued a license to operate.  The Code of Virginia §46.2-1500 defines a “dealer” as any person who: 1. For… Continue Reading →

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Amounts

Ok, we have revamped our state-by-state guide to motor vehicle dealer bond amounts.  This should be  helpful for those dealers that are currently or anticipating operating in multiple states. We have compiled this information as a convenience to you, our clients…. Continue Reading →

Maine Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond (2021)

An auto dealer must file a Maine motor vehicle dealer bond with the Secretary of State unless he or she deals exclusively with equipment and light trailers.  State statute defines a motor vehicle dealer as a person engaged in the business… Continue Reading →

Kansas Vehicle Dealer Bond

Every applicant wishing to deal new or used vehicles must provide a Kansas vehicle dealer bond. “Vehicle dealer” means any person who: (1) For commission, money or other thing of value is engaged in the business of buying, selling or offering… Continue Reading →

Iowa Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

An applicant must furnish an Iowa motor vehicle dealer bond before the issuance of a motor vehicle dealer’s license to an principal engaged in the sale of vehicles for which a certificate of title is required.  Pursuant to state law… Continue Reading →

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Pursuant to state law a West Virginia motor vehicle dealer bond is required of ALL dealerships, whether engaged in the sale of new or used autos. Pursuant to §17A-6-1,”new motor vehicle dealer” means every person other than agents and employees while… Continue Reading →

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Posting of a Tennessee motor vehicle dealer bond is one of fifteen legal requirements for obtaining a license to operate a “dealership” in the state. Pursuant to law, a “motor vehicle dealer” means any person engaged in the business of… Continue Reading →

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