If you need to renew your Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond 2014, get with the program!  As per the statute regulating Florida auto dealers, you have until April 30th.  This surety bond is obligatory, running concurrently with the license and presented on state form HSMV 86020.  The obligation guarantees that the dealer will comply with the conditions of any agreement made by such dealer in connection with the sale or exchange of any motor vehicles and shall not violate any of the provisions of Chapter 319 and 320, Florida Statutes, in the conduct of the business for which he or she is licensed.  The Florida auto dealer bond also guarantees that the licensee will pay or cause to be paid to any person in a retail or wholesale transaction any loss or damages which such person shall sustain as a result of any failure to comply with the conditions of any written contract made by such dealer in connection with the sale or exchange of any motor vehicle.  The surety bond must be executed by a surety company licensed to do business in the State of Florida and delivered to the licensing division as follows:

Florida Department of Highway Safety

Attn:  Motor vehicle dealer surety bonds

2900 Apalachee Parkway, Room A312, Mailstop #65

Tallahassee, FL  32399-0500

The penal sum of the bond is the entire exposure to you and your indemnitors for the year that the bond is in effect.  The bond is also cancelable by surety upon thirty days prior notice by registered mail.

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