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Collection Agency Bonds Nationwide

A collection agency is a third party agent of a creditor. Given the fiduciary and other legal duties placed on commercial debt collectors, most states now require agents to be licensed and to post a collection agency bond.  This type… Continue Reading →

Arkansas Collection Agency Bond

As in most states where regulated, an Arkansas collection agency bond is required of persons and entities engaging in collection activity.  Arkansas statutes defines a collection agency as any person who works with or employs one or more other persons, or… Continue Reading →

Washington Collection Agency Bond

Both resident and out-of-state operators must provide a Washington collection agency bond before offering debt collection services within the state.  The law defines “collection agency” as: (a) Any person engaged in soliciting claims for collection, or collecting or attempting to collect… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Collection Agency Bond

The Department of Insurance requires a North Carolina collection agency bond from every provider of regulated collection services in the state.  A “collection agency” defined by N.C.G.S. §58-70-15, as any person that procures a listing of delinquent debtors from any creditor and… Continue Reading →

Arizona Collection Agency Bond

Debt collection specialists must provide an Arizona collection agency bond and obtain proper licensing before operating in the State of Arizona.  State statutes define a “collection agency” as; (a) All persons engaged directly or indirectly in soliciting claims for collection or… Continue Reading →

North Dakota Collection Agency Bond

A North Dakota collection agency bond is required to be maintained in order to operate a collection agency in the State.  The regulating statute defines a collection agency as any persona or entity who in the ordinary course of business,… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Collection Agency Bond

Hawaii statutes require any person or business who operates as a collection agency to provide a Hawaii collection agency bond to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in the amount of $25,000 for the primary office and a $15,000 surety bond for… Continue Reading →

Collection agency bond.

In most states a collection agency must file a surety bond with its licensing authority.  In addition to ensuring compliance with the statutes regulating collection activity, the collection agency bond often offers a financial guarantee for third party funds that… Continue Reading →

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